Lieutenant John Roderick is an SAS commando of the British Army, belonging to the No. 2 Commando, participating in Operation Chariot.


St. Nazaire RaidEdit

Roderick participated in Operation Chariot on board the HMS Campbeltown . Once the attack began, he ordered William Holt to find the Captain Beck who possessed the only radio after the detachment's radio operator had been killed. He continued to participate in the raid, aiding Holt in the destruction of fuel tanks and the assassination of officer Klaus Mueller. The next morning, the unit receives word that they will not be relieved. Him, Holt and the rest of the No. 2 Commando fight through St. Nazaire, successfully a repelling an armor attack. After fighting through the town, Holt and many commando escapes into the French countryside, making their way back to Allied territory. Roderick, had stayed with several soldiers. They were captured by the German.



  • John Roderick is a person who really existed. His named his inscribed in the imdb website. Just like in the game, John Roderick was in front of the destroyer Campbeltown when it crashed and then landed on the starboard side to destroy a fuel tank and like the game, Roderick fails does not succeed in re-embark and was taken prisonner.
  • He seems to befriend Holt.

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