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Jefferson was an army ranger sergeant during the second world war. With many others he participated in D-Day. He can be distinguished from other soldiers due to his tan jacket. He uses a M1 Garand.

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Appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Rank Technical Sergeant
Status KIA
Death 1944 June 6th, Omaha Beach, France
Weapon M1 Garand

Omaha Beach Edit

Jefferson can be first seen at the start of the level in the boat. After he got off the boat along with rest of the squad, he successfully made his way to the rally point. When Powell acquired the bangalores he and Webber used them to destroy the barber wire fence blocking the way. After it Jefferson along with Webber was ordered to make his way through the minefield into the trenches, however he can be seen being shot in the back.

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Jefferson on the boat waiting for deployment.