Jasper Shelton
Lt.Shelton 0193
Appears in Medal of Honor: Frontline
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliations OSS, U.S. Military
Status Alive

Lt. Jasper Shelton is a minor character in Medal of Honor: Frontline. He received Dutch Resistance operative Gerritt's distress call that he was being held at Dorne Manor and had information regarding a top secret German project and translated it from Dutch on September 10, 1944. later, he turned those papers in to Colonel Hargrove, who then sent Lt. Jimmy Patterson to rescue Gerritt. The papers said:

(translated from Dutch)

"We believe we have intercepted some confidential documents about a secret project of some sort. The documents are hard to understand, but seem to refer to something called the 3X1000 project. They detail some of the engine but nothing we have seen before. We have the papers safely hidden, but would call attention to ourselves if one of us suddenly disappeared to deliver them. Can you send someone to get them?

Please come quickly. These are dangerous papers to have around. If we are found with these in our possession, it means certain death, and would likely lead to the Germans breaking our Network. Please use all caution."

The Dutch version of the papers can be viewed here.


  • He is never seen in-game and only appears during the briefing for Needle in a Haystack.
  • He is named after Medal of Honor: Frontline gallery movie writer John Garcia-Shelton.