Guardsman Jamison was a British squadmate in the mission "Lights Out In The Port City" in Medal of Honor: European Assault.


St. NazaireEdit

Jamison was a voluntary for participated in Operation: Chariot. After a difficult landing, he progressed in the city. He was then a member of a team of demolition under the command of William Holt and Lieutenant John Roderick.
Gdsm Jamison

Jamison at St Nazaire

Him, Bristol, O'Neal and William Holt was forced to spearhead a counter-attack through St. Nazaire. Jamison succeeded to explose a power station. Jamison is part of the few commandos who reembarked.

North AfricaEdit

Later in the game, he appears in a mission. Obtaining Corporal, he was assigned to a new unit. In Tunisia he commands a patrol with Holt of 8 soldiers. Two new soldier, Carr and Baker are placed under the command of Holt. During the begining of the attack, two british soldiers are killed. After reaching its objectives, he leaves Holt infiltrate a base. He joined with Upton, the rest of the platoon and several soldiers of the 7th Armoured Division. 

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