Jack Grillo
Maj Grillo
Appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Rank Major
Affiliations Special Air Services
Status KIA
Death February 12, 1943, Trondheim, Norway
Weapon Captured MP-40

Major Jack Grillo was an SAS and OSS officer who appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


Early lifeEdit

Grillo's early history is never given, however, Colonel Hargrove has stated that he knew Grillo for years while briefing Mike Powell on how he was captured. Grillo was sent to sabotage some artillery in Arsew, North Africa, then "light the torch" signaling the invasion. Unfortunately, he was found by the Germans in the area and his documents and explosives were confiscated.

Lighting the TorchEdit

A team lead by Captain Richards was sent to rescue him. However, after a firefight, only one survived, Lt. Michael Powell, who nevertheless managed to rescue Grillo on his own. Grillo then stole an MP40 to help fight against the Germans, then he took charge and helped guide Powell through the searchlights that were on a German fort. They gathered up the explosives and documents then rescued another prisoner (who may or may not die during the mission). Afterwards, Powell and Grillo destroy a pair of artillery batteries with the newly acquired explosives. While Powell left to sabotage a German motor pool, Grillo stayed behind to get a transport.

He arrives in a jeep moments after Powell managed to sabotage the motor pool to pick him up. He later drives Powell, manning the jeep's machine guns, over to a lighthouse doubling as a radar tracking station built into a cliff, meeting resistance along the way. On the way, Grillo drives them into an airfield where they destroy many of the planes and fuel dumps. Afterwards, Grillo and Powell split up again, this time, Grillo draws out the German reinforcements while Powell goes through a bunker to the lighthouse. After Powell succeeded in "lighting the torch", Grillo picks him up under heavy fire.


Later, Grillo becomes Powell's commander on a mission to destroy the Naxos detector and scuttle the experimental U-529 submarine in Trondheim, Norway. When Powell arrives, Grillo is already at the base dressed as a German officer. However, the mission quickly sours, and Grillo is killed, telling Powell to go on without him.


Grillo in the briefing cutscene.


Grillo has short, brown hair along with noticeable facial stubble. His outfit in Operation Torch is rather casual for a military officer, consisting of a brown jacket over a brown-green sweatshirt, along with light brown pants and brown shoes.


  • Jack Grillo's appearance is also used for the "Allied SAS" player skin on multiplayer.
  • He is named after a Medal of Honor crew member of exactly the same name, Jack Grillo.
  • His head model would be reused by the Italian soldiers and Terry Lyndon in the Breakthrough expansion pack.