Infinite Mischief is the first real campaign mission in Medal of Honor: Airborne. It is the only mission that features several classes of enemy not seen anywhere else, namely the Tropical Heer Infantry and the Italian Blackshirts. It takes place during Operation Husky.

Overview Edit

The player starts off with one of four weapons. They are airdropped in the Italian village of Adanti, and have several objectives to complete. The map is large, consisting of one large town hall, which is where two AA guns are located, with outlying, accessible buildings and walls. It is a night mission. Overall, the map is very tight, with a lot of possibility for very close fighting. The roofs of the houses are also accessible to fight on and can provide good cover and flanking.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy Town Hall AA Guns (2)
  • Destroy Hill Houses AA Gun
  • Destroy Northeast Gate AA Gun
  • Assemble with Airborne at North Gate
  • Locate Missing Sniper Team
  • Eliminate German Commander
  • Repel Enemy Counterattack
  • Assemble With Airborne at Town Square
  • Eliminate German Officers

Enemies Edit

Skill drops Edit

  • There is a parachute at each of the skill drop locations.
  • The sniper's tower near town hall, just to the south, has a destroyed rooftop. One must land on the walkway inside.
  • The building just to the north of town hall has a balcony.
  • Church Steeple: Near the northeastern green landing zone, there's a church. One must land atop the steeple tower.
  • Small Rooftop: On the eastern side of the city, there's an alleyway that isn't part of the main road of the town. There's a small, half-destroyed rooftop here. It's difficult to see from the air, but one must land on the rooftop.
  • If one heads towards the Northeast Gate AA gun, there's an archway. There's a parachute hanging from a window where the player must land in. Note that although the gate is the Northeast Gate, it'll actually appear on your compass to be in the southwestern portion of the city.

Weapons Edit

The player can choose from two of just four initial weapons. The M1911 is the default sidearm for the entirety of the campaign save the last mission.

Background music Edit

  • "In the Trenches" (Start, NE Gate) (MoH: Airborne soundtrack)
  • "Back Alleys" (General Background) (MoH: Airborne soundtrack)
  • "Das Flaktrum" (Hill Houses) (MoH: Airborne soundtrack)
  • "Battlegrounds" (MoH: Pacific Assault soundtrack)
  • "Shipyards of Lorient" (Town Hall) (MoH: Frontline soundtrack)
  • "Operation Husky" (MoH: Airborne soundtrack)
  • "Sniper Town" (MoH: Allied Assault soundtrack)