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For the transcript, see In Search of Yamashita's Gold/Transcript.

In Search Of Yamashita's Gold is the seventh mission in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.



  • Locate Flying Tiger's Crash Site
  • Find Tanaka
  • Discover Yamashita's Gold
  • Exit Temple Before Fourth Gun Explodes
  • Rescue Pilot


  • Destroy Japanese Radio Equipment
  • Destroy Officers' Sake Supply (5)

Briefing InfoEdit

Find the Flying Tiger crash site. Find evidence of Commander Shima's plot with the stolen gold. Escape the Temple before the fourth gun explodes.

Historical InfoEdit

Before the US officially entered WWII, a small force of volunteer pilots fought for the Chinese against the advancing Japanese invaders. This elite group became known as the Flying Tigers. Eventually, as the US entered the war, the Flying Tigers were mostly absorbed into the 14th Air Force.




  • The helicopter that Major Bromley uses in the rescue in the end cutscene is a Sikorsky R-4.
  • When Bromley briefs the player he states that he will go to the temple first to destroy the anti aircraft gun, along with several other friends, which oddly, he is the only one that stays in the area.
  • Bromley also states that he will destroy all four guns around the temple along with several friends as he states in his dialog, but in the cutscene he rides with Sikorsky helicopter, which he is the only one that seen in the helicopter.
  • When player reaches the garden, where there are several Japanese officers meditating. They will not notice the player's presence at the area until they are approached.
  • There will be two trucks at the end of the temple. One that sits right at the centre of the area, can be destroy by shooting the barrel next to it, while the other truck that sit to the left, near the machine gun nest, cannot be destroy as it is scripted to be destroy by Flying Tiger bomb.
  • This is the only level where the player can use the Bazooka, and the only level where the player(s) can use 4 weapons at once.
  • At the last area, where player must defend the extract location from the charging Japanese, there will be four machinegun towers. Two on the front can be destroy by a single shot from Bazooka,while two at behind, near player machinegun nest, cannot be destroy.
  • This is the only level where player actually fights along side with Tanaka.
  • The Flying Tiger at the crash site and at the end of the level is a P40 Warhawk.
  • It is highly likely that the Chindit's deaths are canon, as they are not seen evacuating the temple, regardless if they survived or not.
  • According to the storyboard, Tanaka was meant to steal clothes from a Japanese soldier, wheel the player into the temple's banquet, draw the guards from the prison area into the cafeteria with the promise of "free sake" and sneak the player into the prison area under the guise of a new prisoner.
  • In reality, Yamashita's Treasure is a legend that has yet to be found. Alleged locations or explanations include the treasure was sunk in the South China Sea when U.S. airforces sunk Japanese merchant ships, was found by then-Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos during the 1960s-1970s, or it remains undiscovered to this day.