An Improvised explosive device, or I.E.D, is a makeshift bomb using military or industrial explosives and/or ordnance and is generally used by Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in War on Terror. In Medal of Honor (2010), IEDs make appearances in both single- and multi-player.

IEDs can be made out of anything explosive. Such as un-detonated bomb or artillery shells attached and detonated through a homemade mechanism.


While unusable, IEDs appear several times, usually in an ambush. The most notable being in Neptune's Net, where an IED explosion forces Rabbit and Mother to flee an abandoned hut.

In the mission Belly of the Beast, Specialist Dante Adams was almost killed by an I.E.D which was activated remotely using a cellphone when he and his team attempted to breach a hut in Shah-i-Kot Valley, he was saved by, according to Sgt. Patterson, his Kevlar Vest.


In multiplayer, it is available to the Opposing Forces' sniper class. It is the antithesis of the Coalition's C4 explosive, and is essentially the same. The only difference is the weapon's in-game model.

Trivia Edit

  • IEDs are also known as Roadside Bombs by the U.S. Military Personnel in Afghanistan.
  • IEDs are responsible for almost 66% of casualties in Afghanistan War
  • IEDs can be added with chemical, biological, radioactive materials which can seriously affect the environment. In Iraq, Chlorine was added into the device that will not only produce normal heat, consecutive blast but also toxic Chlorine gases.
  • IEDs can be placed on a vehicle or any form of transport and detonated remotely.

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