Hold The Line
Hold The Line Loading Screen
Medal of Honor: Vanguard
U.S. Airborne and Germans
Siegfried Line, Germany
All multiplayer modes.
Type of Combat
Medium to Long Range
The Campaign level Map
The Crucible

Hold The Line is a small multiplayer map in Medal of Honor: Vanguard. It is based on the mission "The Crucible".


A misty morning starts along the Siegfried Line, recently reactivated since after the end of World War 1. From the bottom to the top of the hill, a slaughter is about to take place. You only have one goal--hold the line!

This is the final (in the map order) multiplayer map. It is one of the smallest ones, probably a little bit smaller than Countryside Walk. It has four weapon pickups located up the hill and in the two bunkers. There are two MG nests on the map; one at the bottom of the hill and one at the top in the trenches.

Pickup LocationsEdit

  • The Ammo Station is located at the bottom of the hill in front of the MG-42.
  • There is a BAR pickup at the bottom of the hill by the MG-42 as well.
  • There is a Thompson located at the top of the hill in front of the MG-42.
  • There is an MP-40 pickup located in the left bunker.
  • There is an StG-44 pickup located in the right bunker.



  • There is a half-track at the bottom of the hill.
  • There are two sets of radios and beds inside the bunkers.


Digital Exploration-MoH-Vanguard-Hold the Line Showcase01:57

Digital Exploration-MoH-Vanguard-Hold the Line Showcase

MoH-Vanguard-Hold The Line Ambience02:21

MoH-Vanguard-Hold The Line Ambience

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