The Hi Standard silenced is a handgun featured in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The High Standard HDM Silenced was adopted by the Office of Strategic Services in 1942. It's equipped with an integral suppressor and it's extremely quiet. In real life the pistol was semi-automatic unlike in Allied Assault where the player has the manually cock the next round after firing one. An another error is that the gun holds 10 round in it's magazine in real life but in Allied Assault it holds only 8.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Breakthrough.Edit

The Hi Standard Silenced first can be used in the second mission: Scuttling the U-529 as it's one of the starting weapon. The weapon comes usefull in the second level to take out the scientists out without raising any attention. The Hi Standard has a very high damage, capable of one shot kills, but the rate of fire is very slow. The Hi Standard later returns in Behind Enemy Lines where OSS Agent Manon gives one to Powell replacing his M1911. The Hi Standard does not make an appearance in Spearhead but it returns in Breakthrough where Sgt.Baker uses one during the Point Carriere mission. The Hi Standard is not available in multiplayer.