Sergeant Hall was a member of the 101st Airborne Division. He fought in the Ardennes.



In Rocherath, they fought all the way towards their objective of destroying the bridge. Hall was part of a squad placed in the outpost of Rocherath. Hall ordered Crockett went to see but this one was killed. At the beginning of the attack many members of his squad died. He managed to retreat with William Holt, Olsen and Jennings in a building where the captain and another soldiers. Hall followed Holt in the city. After a German attack that failed he fight in the city and reached the bridge. He succeeded his goal.


Later, he arrived with Maser to replace Lt. Ramirez and Lt. Rogers after Holt rescued Manon Batiste.


He had defended fiercely the farm and survived. Him, Holt, Olsen, Jennings, Swanson, Jackson, Maser and the 101st Airborne Division fought in the Ardennes with various units of the 28th Infantry Division and then fought Von Schrader's bunker. The lower the fighting was fierce and several soldiers were killed. They still managed to succeed in their mission and survived.


  • It seems that Holt is his officer but also a friend.

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