The HK416 is an Assault Rifle developed and manufactured by German-based company Heckler and Koch. It is derived from the AR-15 platform, designed as an improvement of the M4 Carbine and using the same gas system from the G36. It appears in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Medal of Honor: WarfighterEdit


The HK416 is commonly used by Task Force Mako throughout the Campaign.  In "Changing Tides" Preacher uses this weapon with a Surefire RTS double optic (low power scope+BackUp Iron Sights, or BUIS).


"Considered one of the best small arms in the world, it is consistent, accurate and reliable. Itʹs numerous innovations and tried and tested design is valued by it operators when there is no room error."
— Battlelog Description (sic)

The HK416 is a common assault rifle in Multiplayer, due to its favorable handling characteristics;  it has low recoil, average reload speed and a high rate of fire, and is a solid choice for the Assaulter Class. Its predictable recoil pattern allows the weapon to fire fully-automatically and engage enemies from short to medium ranges, and its high rate of fire make the weapon equally suitable for close quarter gunfights. The total amount of ammo you can carry is also pretty generous; you can carry up to 181 bullets, which is the most number of rounds for the Assaulters. While the damage per shot for the this weapon is low, its other characteristics make up for this shortcoming.

This gun is unlocked fairly early in the game, and can also use the M320 attached via Weapon Customization; this allows the player to switch to the Grenade Launcher much faster than normal, at the cost of some mobility.


  • In Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the recoil of the HK416 in the Campaign is significantly higher than its Multiplayer version.
  • This is the only assault rifle from the Assaulter class to be used in campaign. All the other rifles are either for the Pointman, Demolition, and Spec Ops class.
  • The HK416 was supposed to be in Shore Leave, but was replaced by the LaRue OBR 5.56 in the final game.
  • It is the most used weapon in the campaign by Factions and Squadmates.
  • In Changing Tides and Rip Current, every HK416 has camouflage.
  • The HK416 in multiplayer has a option of TA31H+BUIS for Low Power Dual Sights, however the HK416 in Changing Tides and Rip Current with similar ACOG+BUIS configuration appears to be a TA01 since it has a ghost ring on the top.