Gerritt was a character in Medal of Honor: Frontline and a Dutch Resistance agent with close ties to the Office of Strategic Services.


During one of his Dutch Resistance raids, Gerritt came across intelligence on a "Project 3 X 1000" while in Holland. Just after he sends the information to Lieutenant Jasper Shelton of the OSS, he is captured by Gestapo officials and transported to Dorne manor. Requests urgent extraction from the manor due to claims that he has hidden valuable information with a housemaid, who herself had placed the documents behind a map, and in a clock. Gerritt however, was worried that the SS officials socializing during a large rally would eventually recover the intel and execute him. Just when he lost hope and would be killed, he is rescued by Lt. Jimmy Patterson, who both commandeer a Kubelwagen to safety.


  • When you push Gerritt off the building, he will fall onto the ground instead of the cart of hay that he is supposed to. If you fall to the ground you will die, but he gets up uninjured.
  • He is obviously scared; he will only follow the player if an area is cleared and walks in a nervous manner.
  • He shares a similar appearance with the G3 Officer in Medal of Honor, where the player needed to locate and find them to extract highly valuable information.
  • He's referred to as a "pilot" in Medal of Honor: Heroes.

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