The Gammon Grenade is a British anti-tank grenade used by Allied forces during World War II, designed to replace the very dangerous No. 74 Sticky Bomb.


The Gammon Grenade is featured in the missions The Opening and Der Flaktürm which the 82nd and 17th Airborne Division participate in. It is very powerful, dealing 700 damage and possessing a lethality radius of 800 in-game units. Designed to take out tanks, a cache of Gammon grenades are dropped near the church in Nijmegen, Holland, intended to aid the 505th in taking out what German armor there was in the town. Boyd Travers uses Gammon Grenades to destroy a German Tiger I, as well as German infantry units.

Several boxes of Gammon Grenades are found in the basement of the Flaktower in Essen, Germany. These would be used by Travers to take out multiple Nazi Storm Elite troopers, ultimately escaping the infested basement to set off a network of explosives, destroying the Flaktower, completing the mission.


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