G3 Operations Officer
Appears in Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (Mentioned)

Rank Officer (Class Unknown)
Affiliations US Army
Status Deceased (Killed in Action)
Death June 12, 1944

Dubuisson, France

Weapon Attache Case

The G3 Operations Officer was a minor character in the Medal of Honor series. He was sent on a special mission to recover Allied and French Resistance intelligence on June 11, 1944. He and his pilot, Lieutenant Joe Baylor, gathered the information from the French Resistance group "the Maquis" and returned to their plane to make their way home. During the night, the airplane was attacked and crashed near Dubuisson, France. The G3 Officer was in desperate need of medical care, having been seriously wounded. So, his pilot went out for the night to find any sign of help.

On the cloudy morning of June 12, the officer was dragged from his plane by a Wehrmacht search party, and was questioned. He was able to resist them just long enough to make it to the sewers under Dubuisson but died of his wounds almost immediately after getting inside. Luckily, the Germans were unable to recover his attache case, as new OSS recruit Jimmy Patterson found it before the Gestapo could. It is unknown what happened to his body after Patterson left the sewers. Colonel Hargrove believed he was a good man, and was upset to hear of his loss.[1]


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