Not to be confused with Gunther (Kriegsmarine)

Appears in Medal of Honor
Affiliations WehrmachtFlag1938-45 BadGuysFlagWehrmacht, Nazi Germany
Status Deceased (Killed in Action)
Death June 12, 1944

Outskirts of Dubuisson, France

Weapon Karabiner 98


Gunther is a minor character in Medal of Honor. He is a playable character in multiplayer also.


Gunther, along with many other Wehrmacht light infantry squads stationed around the Dubuisson area in June 1944 when a G-3 officer on the Allied side was shot down. He was a member in one of the search parties looking for the officer when OSS operative Jimmy Patterson counterattacked the force, thus eliminating many of the soldiers in the hedgerows. Gunther was finally killed during the night as with the rest of the men


Gunther in full Wehrmacht combat gear.

Gunther Sights

Gunther In The Sights



  • According to his green collar, he was part of the "Wehrmacht Light and Mountain Infantry".
  • He is one of the first soldiers killed in Find the Downed Plane.