For the Motherland
For the Motherland Loading Screen
Medal of Honor: European Assault
Allies & Axis
Mamayev Hill, Mamayev, Russia
All except Blitzkrieg
Type of Combat
Medium to Long Range
The Campaign level Map
Climbing Mamayev Hill

For the Motherland is a medium sized multiplayer map in Medal of Honor: European Assault. It is based on the single-player mission "Climbing Mamayev Hill".

It is playable on every gamemode except Blitzkrieg.


Somewhere in the countryside of Mamayev, Russia, next to the Volga River, a little village sits. Smoke rises from the chimneys, the residents inside staying warm in their homes. Among the singing birds, a church bell chimes from across the river. Outside the village, the buildings evidence that a battle has recently taken place. A big assault, but it's simmered down to something much smaller. The Russians have shown that they are willing to fight however long, however hard, and using whatever means necessary to defend their nation. For their children, for their comrades, for their leaders--for the Motherland.

Whether ascending or descending the hill, it'll be a bloodbath. Rifles and Support guns are great when assaulting the enemy base, especially if friendly snipers are up in the towers overlooking the map. This map is especially good for 4 player Face to Face matches. SMGs aren't recommended for long range engagements, but are perfect if you can get in the base.

Pickup LocationsEdit

  • On the road, both the Bazooka and the Weapon Upgrade are located.
  • The Change Class Station is in the destroyed building in front of the Allies' base.



  • If you listen closely, you can hear a church bell ringing in the distance. Across the river, there's a silhouette of a bell tower where this is coming from.
  • The village by the map is untouched by battle (from what we know).
  • Around the map is farm equipment, suggesting that this is part of a farm.


Digital Exploration-MoH EA-For the Motherland Showcase

Digital Exploration-MoH EA-For the Motherland Showcase

MoH-EA-For the Motherland Ambience

MoH-EA-For the Motherland Ambience