Previous level Bloody Ridge
Next level Tarawa Atoll
Game Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
Weapons Tail-Mounted Dual ANM2 .30 Caliber Machine-Guns

Dual Nose-mounted .50 Caliber Machine-Guns
500lb bombs
1000lb torpedo

Enemy weapons Various Japanese weapons
Place Near Guadalcanal
Objective Reach the U.S.S. Independence
Destroy a small Japanese airbase
Destroy a Japanese fleet
Enemies Imperial Japanese Navy

Flyboys is the ninth level in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, and the final level of the Guadalcanal mission story arc.


Initially, Thomas Conlin begins as the tail gunner of an Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber, fighting off IJN fighters over the oceans on their way to the USS Independence. However, Conlin's pilot is shot during a surprise attack, and bails out. Thomas, without a parachute or any other life-preserving equipment, is forced to take the stick and fly the SBD on his own.

Following Conlin's acquisition of the pilot's seat, he must follow the other SBDs, and takes part in an attack on a small, uncharted island where some Japanese forces -- a few seaplanes and a radio tower -- are stationed. After destroying the radio tower to prevent the Japanese from getting out a distress signal, Conlin and the others destroy the Japanese seaplanes and landing craft, alongside the bombers stationed at a small airstrip in a valley on the island.

However, as the group prepares to land, it is learned that the aircraft carrier they are flying towards is actually Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi with an escorting destroyer Minekaze, and as they have already been spotted the group must destroy the ships. Conlin focuses on destroying the ships while the other pilots distract the Japanese fighters. Finally, the group finds the right aircraft carrier. However, the plane which had been carrying Frank Minoso -- whose pilot had to make a break for it as he was low on fuel -- is being tailed by a Japanese Zero. If the player destroys the Zero, Frank survives, but is transferred to a hospital behind the lines. If the plane is not destroyed, Frank dies. Finally, Conlin lands the plane, and the Independence begins to head to Tarawa Atoll.


  • Dogfight bandits
  • Destroy radio tower
  • Destroy Japanese bombers on runway
  • Destroy lagoon targets



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