The Flakvierling 38 was the most common German anit-aircraft gun in use during World War II.

Medal of Honor: FrontlineEdit

The Flak 38 appears as a target of opportunity during the mission "Nijmegen Bridge". Before Lt. Patterson can destroy it, the crew manage to shoot down a passing Allied fighter before dozing off to rest. It can be destroyed by shooting the fuel barrel nearby or igniting the rag on top of the barrel.

Medal of Honor: European AssaultEdit

During the "Raid on St. Nazaire" mission, a Flak 38 is responsible for shooting down a Lancaster Bomber in the Sledgehammer Squadron. It is later destroyed by Lt. William Holt.

Medal of Honor: VanguardEdit

The Flakvierling appears as a target of opportunity in several missions in Vanguard. It is commonly used against the paratroopers and causes the destruction of several C-47 transport planes.

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