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General Flagg is a US Army General who attempted to control all combat operations from an office in Florida, by issuing orders to Colonel Drucker via Video TeleConference (VTC). Possessed with a "Big Army" mindset, he had no trust for the Afghan rebels or locals and no patience for allowing the AFO (Advanced Force Operations) Teams a chance to utilize their contacts and intel for maximum impact against Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters.


He orders Drucker to activate the 75th Ranger Regiment and 10th Mountain Division for a mass assault on Taliban outposts in the Shah-i-kot Mountains, ignoring Drucker's advice that a Special Operations Forces-led Afghan Task Force Rebel would be better suited to the mountainous combat. When the Spectre gunship Reaper 31 was patrolling the area a brief signal failure disables camera feed. After coming back online it locates an unknown convoy which is Task Force Rebel heading up the mountains. Flagg confirms the gunship hot and Reaper 31 opens fire on the convoy before allowing Bagram to verify their identity. In the chaos Panther comes online and informs them of friendly fire and Task Force Rebel is decimated.

When AFO Neptune operators Voodoo and Preacher are left behind, Drucker attempts to have them reinserted. Flagg, however, orders Rabbit and Mother back to Bagram and denies a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) rescue. Rabbit and Mother re-insert anyway. However, they got captured during the rescue. Drucker attempts to activate the QRF again, but Flagg intervenes by attempting to relieve Drucker of command. Before this is done, however, one of Drucker's communications operators terminates the VTC signal, claiming 'technical difficulties' and allowing Drucker to send in the QRF for the stranded Neptune operators.

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  • General Flagg could be based on USAF General Gregory Trebon and US Army General Dell Dailey, who commanded the special operations TF11 in 2002 and micromanaged TF11's and AFO's actions during Operation Anaconda via VTC. Although they were in Afghanistan and Qatar, Flagg was in the U.S.
  • The name General Flagg could be a reference to the first commander of the G.I. JOE's, also called General Flagg.
  • Another possible source for General Flagg is US Army General Tommy Franks, the CENTCOM Commander-in-Chief during the events of Operation Anaconda. As CENTCOM Commander, GEN Franks had authority over all US operations in the Middle East from his office in Tampa, Florida.


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