Fitzgerald was an American soldier who fought during World War II with the US 34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division. He is featured in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough.

Enlistement and TrainingEdit

When the United States entered World War II, Fitzgerald, still not in his 20's, signed up and was assigned to the 34th Infantry Division. After his training in Northern Ireland, on November 8, 1942, he embarked with the rest of the division on Algiers, Algeria.


After they landed, they continued to take the ports and airfields. After, he took part in the taking of the Kasserine Pass against Rommels Afirka Corps. Later in May, he and the elements of the division entered the ports of Bizerte with Shermans and a strong infantry movement. Fitzgerald was picked by the commander to be in the group that would infiltrate the fortress, save British prisoners and secure the fort. When Sergeant John baker arrives, he is also picked by the commander to be in the infiltration team. When he was leading Baker to the boats, he was fatally wounded by a German Machine Gun round. After this, Baker proceeded to the boats, but one of the boats was taken out by German artillery fire, leaving Baker and one other soldier to complete the mission.


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Fitz's coprse

Fitzgerald wore the standard American "Desert" uniform with a gask mask.

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