Find the Downed Plane is the first mission in Medal of Honor, in the mission Rescue the G-3 Officer. It occurs on June 12, 1944 in the Norman hedgerows of France.


Find the Downed Plane

12 June 1944

Bonjour. My name is Manon.

Col. Hargrove tells me that you've decided to join the OSS. Welcome to the fight!

I'll be your liaison with the French Resistance—we call ourselves "the Maquis." Time is of the essence, so press the X button to turn the page and start the briefing.

Your first mission begins immediately.

An Allied G-3 Operations Officer was shot down last night. He and his pilot were returning from a secret rendezvous with my Maquis comrades when their plane was hit.

The G-3 has vast knowledge not only of Allied battle plans, but of the resistance as well. The whole French Underground in this region is at stake.

We found the pilot this morning, but there's been no sign of the G-3. The Wehrmacht search parties are out in force, so at least they haven't found him—yet. Start by locating the downed plane and see where the trail leads. (The pilot's logbook is also missing, so be on the lookout for it as well.)

Hint: to gain control of a German machine gun, press the "Action" button. Good Luck!


  • Recover Logbook
  • Find Plane
  • Enter Town



After a G-3 Officer with important information is shot down over the outskirts of Dubuisson, France, Lt. Jimmy Patterson, a former C-47 pilot, is recruited by the O.S.S. to recover his logbook full of secret information, and find the G-3 himself and his plane. Patterson is dropped by airplane to the supposed crash site. He battles through German search parties in the hedgerows, and comes across two machine guns in the process. In a small crawlspace, he finds the officer's logbook (Objective 1), and just past a bridge, the plane comes into view, but with no G-3 in sight (Objective 2).

Patterson encounters several more German soldiers before deciding to search the nearest town to find the G-3 officer (Objective 3).


Find the Downed Plane takes place just outside Dubuisson, France. The scenery has changed drastically in the years before the occupation. What used to be a handful beautiful estates and a warm environment, became a ruined wasteland full of terrified citizens, not willing to leave their houses at the thought of the dreaded Wehrmacht and Gestapo sentries. Many of the homes have had either their windows smashed out, have been destroyed in bombing raids, or mines being planted in their backyards.


  • According to a street sign, Dubuisson is 210 km (130.5 miles) east of Paris.
  • It says "mines" on the gates (German: "Minen")
  • Lieutenant Mike Powell of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was the soldier who rescued the pilot the morning of June 12, 1944.
  • There is a hidden area near the town gates, with a respectable amount of gear.

Music Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Rescuing The G3 Officer + Ambientation 1

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Rescuing The G3 Officer + Ambientation 1