The Fallschirmjägers are a set of classes of enemy infantry. They are the German paratrooper regiments. Because of the botched operation on Crete in 1941, large-scale airdrops were halted. They are not as powerful as the Waffen S.S. commanders, but are very skilled soldiers.

Medal of Honor: Underground Edit

Fallschirmjäger InfantryEdit

German paratroopers appears in only one level, Mayhem in Monastery.

Their weapon of choice is the Sten. They also drive halftracks. They won't hesitate to use their grenades if the player is stuck or on prone. They have got a keen eye, but not as tough as the Waffen SS Heavy Infantry.

Medal of Honor: VanguardEdit


General description


German Fallschirmjager

They are not common as the Heer infantry until the last level. They first appear in the level Behind Enemy Lines where they mainly use the StG-44  Assault rifle, but sometimes they use a Karabiner 98k. In the final level The Crucible the player must defend the factory against the charging Fallschirmjäger troops. They wear a camouflage sweatshirt uniform with a 'Splittermuster' camouflage pattern and an olive coloured helmet with a Luftwaffe eagle.

There is a German paratrooper wielding the K98k in Behind Enemy Lines that hits Keegan on the head in the cutscene at the end of level he is presumed KIA. If judged by sounds after that, he is most probably killed by Keegan's comrades. There are three of them using MP40's in front of the manor at the end of Requiem and one wielding K98k at top of the stairs.

Behaviour and fighting againstEdit

They were very skilled soldiers compared to other German troops. They often move from cover to cover and will blindfire at the player. They rarely use a grenade, as they focus to fire at the player. Their accuracy is also much better than the Heer troops.

However, their accuracy would decrease in long range combat, giving the player a chance to shoot them with his rifle. Tossing a grenade wouldn't really help, but it could flush them out of their cover.


Fallschirmjäger SniperEdit

General descriptionEdit

Only seen in the level Crucible, right after a teammate gets shot by one of them. They use the same model as the Fallschirmjäger Infantry, only using a sniper rifle.


They will not react to the player if he stays at the same cover; they, quite rarely tosses a grenade at the player. Thanks to their sniper rifle they have a better accuracy compared to the Fallschirmjäger Infantry. They tend to stay at the same spot.


Fighting against themEdit

Normally, the player can wait for them to expose their cover. They will not react to the player if he advances; this gives the player a chance to find their position. However, some of them will suddenly appear on top of the player, so the player should kill them as soon as he sees them.

Medal of Honor: AirborneEdit

Fallschirmjäger Infantry Edit

General description Edit

Fallschirmjaeger infantry

Fallschirmjäger infantry

The Fallschirmjäger infantry are the basic infantry units of the Fallschirmjäger. They wear green-grey uniforms and a Fallschirmjäger M38 helmet. They were supposed to be armed with Gewehr 43 rifles. They carry StG44's instead. They are rare, appearing only in Missions 4 and 5, The Opening and Young Fools.

Weapons Edit

  • Gewehr 43 (Intel), StG44 in-game
  • Melee

Common tactics Edit

These soldiers are very skilled with their rifle. They are slightly more efficient when compared to the Waffen infantry. They will move from cover to cover faster, blindfire more, as well as offer more support for their fellow troops. They are also better shots, and toss grenades more often.

Fighting against them Edit

Moving quickly and tossing grenades whenever possible will expose and flush out these soldiers. Thereafter, a short burst with an automatic weapon such as the Browning Automatic Rifle or StG-44 or a well-placed rifle round will dispatch the enemy.

Fallschirmjäger Sniper Edit

General description Edit

Fallschirmjaeger sniper

Fallschirmjäger sniper

The Fallschirmjäger snipers are similar to the Waffen senior troopers. They wear green-gray camouflage and a dark gray hood and cap. They are snipers, and use a scoped Gewehr 43 rifle.

Weapons Edit

  • Gewehr 43 w/ scope
  • Melee

Common tactics Edit

These soldiers sit back and snipe. They can be dangerous, but they are not particularly deadly. They will fire at the player when they land.

Fighting against them Edit

The player can kill them with a rifle if they can line a sniper up in the sights, or they can get closer and flush them out with grenades or an automatic weapon. The way you can usually spot the snipers is the reflection off their scopes. Once you've seen the reflection for 3–4 seconds, he'll have lined you up and so you'll want to get back to cover. You can also identify them from the distinctive "poom" sound their scoped Gewehr rifles make as they fire. since they only really appear in "Operation: Varsity" their favorite spots to hide are the train cars up on the numerous bridges and the rusting warehouses that run across the top of the map.

Fallschirmjäger Commander Edit

General description Edit

Fallschirmjaeger commander

Fallschirmjäger commander

They replace the Waffen infantry as the standard enemy for the last two missions. They wear a grey-green camo uniform with a dark green helmet, and wield an StG-44 automatic rifle.

Weapons Edit

  • Melee

Common tactics Edit

These are very good soldiers. They are capable of quickly and efficiently moving from cover to cover. They blindfire and use grenades quite often, and will provide suppressing fire for their allies, with deadly accuracy. They are in many respects similar to the Waffen Storm Leaders.

Fighting against them Edit

A player should eliminate these enemies quickly. Move quickly, toss grenades often, fire over cover or around corners. Try and make all the rounds count.

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