Fall of the Philippines
Previous mission Pearl Harbor
Next mission Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal
Game Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Character Joseph Griffin
Weapons Thompson submachine gun

M1 Garand M1911

Place Calumpit, Philippines
Date January 1, 1942
Multiplayer map Shima Field

Calumpit Chaos

Fall of the Philippines is the third mission in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.



  • Find Brother
  • Repair Tank
  • Locate Lost Explosive Truck
  • Disable Radio Command Post
  • Signal Demolition Soldiers
  • Deliver Explosives Truck


  • Find Photograph of Commander Shima
  • Find Golden Buddah
  • Find Film Canisters

Briefing InfoEdit

Destroy the bridge before the Japanese forces can cross it. Locate Private Donnie Griffin and the rest of his unit of demolitions specialists, help them find their supplies, and protect them as they prepare the bridge for destruction.

Historical InfoEdit

US forces on the Philippines were stranded by the Japanese victory at Pearl Harbor. Battle-hardened Japanese troops invaded the islands, forcing the defenders into a retreat that ended in a hopeless siege. Thousands of US and Filipino soldiers were taken captive when US forces surrendered.



  • The billboards at the baseball field are written in Tagalog. The billboard with the pineapple translates to say "Village Bazaar". The billboard with the man and bottle translates to say "Effortless Living! San Jose Drink!"
  • The Japanese radio set at the baseball field as recycled asset from Medal of Honor: Frontline.
  • This is the only level in the game to feature an M3 Stuart tank.
  • If the game is played in Co-op, all of the American NPCs, such as Gunny and Donnie, are absent, and instead of you protecting the tank on its way to the truck, one of the players instead controls the tank.
  • Before the Battle of the Philippines the USAFFE or United States Armed Forces in the Far East was manned by 14,000 American Soldiers in the Philippines was bolstered by 16,000 Philippine Scouts which was under the orders of General Douglas McArthur.
  • On the mission's storyboard, the brother is Steve McCoy instead of Donnie Griffin.
  • The place Bataan is pronounced "Ba-ta-an" whereas most Americans would say, "Ba-tan".
  • The terms "Boondock" and "Boondockers" comes from the Filipino word "Bundok" (pronounced "Bun-duk") meaning "Mountain".
  • The likeness of the church and the courtyard was used to create the multiplayer map, Calumpit Chaos.

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