Escape the Wolfram
Previous level Meeting Greta
Next level The Rooftops of Dachsmag
Game Medal of Honor
Character Jimmy Patterson
Weapons Silenced Pistol
Place Somewhere in the Atlantic
Date June 23, 1944
Enemies Kriegsmarine

Escape the Wolfram is the first level in the mission Scuttle Das Boot U-4901, the third mission of Medal of Honor.


Escape the Wolfram

23 June 1944

Nice work with Greta. I hope this new mission goes as well.

You'll be shipping out on the German freighter Wolfram tomorrow night at 19:30 hrs.

This time you'l be undercover as an officer in the Kriegsmarine. While the enlisted men will just see the uniform and salute, the officers onboard all know each other—so be careful when trying to deceive them.

Lay low to the trip to Bremen, which should take about five days. You'll have a lot to do though, once you reach port at Dachsmag. The Wolfram is one of the largest ships in Germany's merchant marine fleet, so we shouldn't pass up the opportunity to take her out of commission.

You'll need to act quickly, because she's only unloading a few supplies before moving on to the next port of call.

Your best bet will be to sabotage her engines. Col. Hargrove put me in contact with an engineer in the American navy—he suggested jamming the drive shaft with something that you could procure on board, like one of those giant metal wrenches the use on gun batteries.

Whatever you find, remember to use the "Action" button once you get down into engineering. Bon voyage!


  • Gain Access to the Promenade
  • Gain Access to the Bridge
  • Find Wrench
  • Gain Access to Engineering
  • Jam Engine
  • Exit Ship through Cargo Hold

Weapons Edit


  • ID Papers
  • Silenced Pistol

Obtained LaterEdit


Patterson's mission is to take the Wolfram out of commission while attempting to reach port at Dachsmag. He must upgrade his security level several times and steal a wrench to jam her engine. Finally, he escapes into the cargo hold and makes his way to Dachsmag U-boat facility, in Bremen, Germany.


  • The alarms were made by the company "inTONE"
  • There are directions pointing to where you need to go. They say "bridge" (German: "kommandobrücke") and "enginneering" (German: "maschinenhaus")

Music Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - The U-Boat + Ambientation 104:41

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - The U-Boat + Ambientation 1

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