Escape the V2 Rocket Plant is the seventh and final mission in Medal of Honor. The mission is divied into three levels: Buzzbomb Assembly, Vengeance Production, and Götterdämmerung.


Pattersons final mission is to infiltrate Germany's top secret rocket production facility. The facility produces the V-2 rocket, a surface to surface missile that the Germans have been using against the Allies. Patterson is to destroy the facility and collect information before the Soviets can reach it. Patterson infiltrates the facility through the V-1 "Buzzbomb" assembly area. In this section Patterson destroys the Germans ability to launch V-1 missiles. The next section Patterson enters is the V-2 production area. Patterson fights his way through the assembly area and collects information on scientists and the V-2s blueprints. Next Patterson sabotages the gyro guidance system to drop the next V-2 rocket on the facility. Once exiting the facility, Patterson makes his way to the launch site and launches the V-2 rocket on top of the facility destroying it and killing all the Germans inside.


Buzzbomb AssemblyEdit

  • Find V1 Target List
  • Destroy V1 Launch Control System
  • Open Blast Doors
  • Locate Emergency Hatch

Vengeance ProductionEdit

  • Find Scientist Roster
  • Acquire V2 Schematics
  • Gain Access to Guidance Labs
  • Sabotage Gyro Guidance System
  • Find Launch Area


  • Launch Sabotaged V2



The enemies are entirely armed with submachine guns. Their accuracy is good and many can be found in groups. Even the scientists are armed with submachine guns.

  • Waffen-SS Heavy
  • Nefarious Scientist


  • Historical inaccuracy: in this mission, there are launch facilities for the V-1 and V-2 at the Nordhausen Mittlewerk. However, in real life, the Mittlewerk was only used to make weapons, not to launch them. The V-2s would normally be launched from model units.

Music List Edit

Buzzbomb Assembly Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Nordhausen + Ambientation 103:22

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Nordhausen + Ambientation 1

Vengeance Production Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Nordhausen + Ambientation 203:15

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Nordhausen + Ambientation 2

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