Escape from Trondheim is the third and last level in the mission Scuttling the U-529, the second mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


Escape from Trondheim - Trondheim, Norway
February 12, 1943

Excellent work, Lieutenant. Even without the support of Major Grillo, you handled the situation admirably. Taking out the U-529 and the Naxos prototype should keep the balance of Atlantic power on our side, and we're predicting that the next prototype will be delayed until this fall. But there's no time to celebrate now - you've got to get out of there fast. The base is on high alert, and the Germans aren't going to let you slip away without a fight.

Make your way to the train depot on the north side of the facility. A German supply train captured for us by Norwegian resistance forces should be there soon. A squad of our troops will be on board to provide covering fire at the rendezvous. When they open those boxcar doors, they'll lay down covering fire as long as they can - be careful to avoid firing on them! Use this attack as a diversion, and get to that train. Once they're low on ammo, they're going to roll out of there as fast as possible and if you're not on the train by that time, they will be forced to leave you behind.

Good luck, Powell.

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,

Objectives Edit

  • Exfiltrate the base.
  • Meet up with allies at train station.


Background music Edit

  • "Panzer Attack" (MoH soundtrack)