End of the Line
End of the Line Loading Screen
Medal of Honor: European Assault
Allies And Axis
St. Nazaire, France
All Multiplayer modes except Artillery Flag.
Type of Combat
Close Quarters
The Campaign level Map
Lights Out in the Port City

End of the Line is a large multiplayer map in Medal of Honor: European Assault. It is based on the single-player mission "Lights Out in the Port City."

It is playable on every gamemode except Artillery Flag.


Located in the St. Nazaire Power Plant, this place powers the whole city of St. Nazaire with its two massive hydroelectric generators. But, it also acts as a supply depot for the occupying Germans. Loaded and unloaded by rail, crates of supplies and munitions fill most of the rooms. However, that's not all that's being stored here: A lone V2 Rocket sits on a flatbed, draped with the Nazi flag. Assembled and ready to go, this is a weapon capable of long-range, massive destruction--if it ever were to leave the warehouse, it could mean the death of many, many, innocent people. This power plant needs to be the only stop it makes--the end of the line right at the beginning.

Despite being considered a large map, this map is great for close quarters combat. With plenty of corners, lots of cover, twists and turns, vents leading from place to place, it's hard to tell where someone's going to come from next. SMGs and shotguns excel here, but the same can't be said for rifles or sniper rifles. The StG44 and the B.A.R. aren't recommended, because anyone using them will more than likely be destroyed by anyone using an SMG.

Pickup LocationsEdit

All of the pickups are located in the same area in a straight line.

  • A Weapon Upgrade is located behind the last boxcar on the rails.
  • The Bazooka is in the first boxcar in the back, heading towards the Class Change Station.
  • The Class Change Station is located in the last boxcar at the very back.

Objective LocationsEdit

Face to FaceEdit

  • The Axis objective is located on the main power generator in the Allies' base.
  • The Allies' objective is located on the V2 Rocket in the Axis base.


  • The South Flag is located in the Allies' base next to one of the generators.
  • The Center Flag is located in the boxcar on the far right (in perspective of the Allies' base).
  • The North Flag is located in the Axis base inside one of the storage rooms (the one closest to the outside).

King of the HillEdit

  • The flag spawns at the very end of the train cars.


  • The first of the flags is located in the corner of the outside of the Axis base, right across from the boxcars and outside the room with the radios.
  • The second flag is located inside the boxcars in the center.
  • The third flag is located right outside the Allies' base.


  • The flags share the same spawns as Survival.
  • The Drop Zones are randomized and can be found at: one can be found at the end of the generator in the Allies' base, also in front of the main power generator in the Allies' base, and next to the V2 Rocket in the Axis base.

Capture the FlagEdit

  • Each one of the flags are found in their teams' respective bases.


  • The Bazooka spawns in its normal spot, and in each base close to the normal spawn.



  • Nearest to the V2 Rocket in the Axis base is a table full of radios. These radios make a constant static noise.
  • If you jump in front of the entrances of the first boxcar on the Allies' side, the audio will change.
  • The ambience in this map is the quietest one in the game.


Digital Exploration-MoH EA-End of the Line Showcase

Digital Exploration-MoH EA-End of the Line Showcase

MoH-EA-End of the Line Ambience

MoH-EA-End of the Line Ambience

MoH-EA-End of the Line Victories

MoH-EA-End of the Line Victories