Appears in Medal of Honor
Rank ColonelInsigniaColonel
Affiliations U.S Military
Status Alive

Colonel Drucker was commander of the Tactical Operations Center at Bagram Air Base.


Drucker's commanding officer was General Flagg. He was constantly at odds with Flagg over the best way to proceed with operations against the Taliban, with Flagg favoring a mass assault with Rangers and Air Assault troops and Drucker favoring precision assaults with Tier 1 AFO Teams like Neptune and Wolfpack.

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  • Colonel Drucker seems to care deeply about his men (possibly why he is respected by his subordinates). This is shown in one of the cutscenes, where General Flagg orders Mother and Rabbit to return to Bagram, but instead of following orders Drucker allows them to be reinserted back on to the mountain to search for the two missing SEALs and orders a QRF rescue of the SEALs against Flagg's orders.
  • He is the most lenient towards the player's characters' actions while Flagg is the most obstructive.
  • It is possible, since Drucker didn't follow orders, that he was discharged from service. However, given Flagg's incompetence it's possible he was discharged instead.
  • His first name most likely begins with an R as his callsign is Romeo Delta, R. D. in the phonetic alphabet.
  • Drucker could be also based on Technical Advisor Pete Blaber in some ways (Panther is also based on Pete Blaber). Lieutenant Colonel Pete Blaber was the AFO commander during Operation Anaconda in 2002 and also led his men from a TOC in Gardez. Drucker leads the AFO teams from a TOC in Bagram. Pete Blaber and Drucker were both at odds with their higher headquarters.