Die Sturmgewehr is the second level in the mission Return to Fort Schmerzen, the sixth and final mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


Die Sturmgewehr - Siegfried Line, Germany
January 18, 1945

We knew the Allied bombings over the Ruhr valley were hurting the Germans badly, but we didn't know where they'd moved production of certain weapons, specifically, the new StG 44 assault rifle. This could be it - a secret assembly plant and weapons stockpile in a fortification along the Siegfried Line near Fort Schmerzen. It would be a golden opportunity to disrupt the resupply of this fine weapon to their front lines. Here's the plan:

First, find a way inside and get a disguise and proper papers. Use the Hi- Standard silenced pistol for that. Next, steal assembly blueprints and machining instructions for the StG 44. Finally, locate a parts and weapons cache, grab the latest version of the StG 44 assault rifle, and set an explosive charge on the rest of the stockpile. Get out of there using any means at your disposal.

This assault rifle is truly revolutionary in its design. It combines full automatic fire, large magazine capacity, low weight (five pounds less than the BAR), and the range and accuracy of a rifle in single shots and short bursts. There's no other firearm in the Allied or Axis arsenal that matches its superior qualities.

Be careful out there Lieutenant.

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,


  • Infiltrate the base (Hint: find a disguise).
  • Steal blueprints for StG44.
  • Steal an StG44.
  • Destroy the weapons stockpile.
  • Exfiltrate the base.



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  • "Schmerzen" (MoH: Allied Assault soundtrack)