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Demolition is a multiplayer class for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

One of their tools to be featured in the game is a SOG Specialty Knifes and Tools wire cutter, named the PowerLock EOD Black Oxide Multi-tool for setting demolition charges. This allows them to plant and disarm charges faster. Their heavy flak jackets provide additional protection from explosives.

The class's special ability is Ballistic Armor (a mask that shields the player, but at a severe cut to mobility).


  • Hoar House - Unlocked at Rank 6
  • FSK/HJK - Unlocked at Rank 12
  • GROM - Unlocked at Rank 18
  • SEALs - Unlocked at Rank 24
  • SAS - Unlocked at Rank 30
  • KSK - Unlocked at Rank 36
  • OGA - Unlocked at Rank 42
  • JTF2 - Unlocked at Rank 48
  • SFOD-D - Unlocked At Rank 54
  • UDT - Unlocked At Rank 59
  • SASR - Unlocked at Rank 65
  • SOG - Unlocked at Rank 71


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