Day of Infamy
Previous mission None
Next mission Pearl Harbor
Game Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Character Joseph Griffin
Weapons None
Place USS California, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Date December 7, 1941
Multiplayer map Battleship Raiders

For the transcript, see Day Of Infamy/Transcript.

Day of Infamy is the first mission in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.



  • Get Topside
  • Extinguish Fire
  • Defend USS California


  • Assist Engineer
  • Save Crewman

Briefing InfoEdit

Get above deck as soon as possible. Help any survivors you can find. Defend the USS California against the Japanese attack.

Historical InfoEdit

The unexpected attack by more than 300 Japanese naval aircraft devastated the US Pacific Fleet; twenty-one ships were badly damaged or sunk, including eight battleships. The surprised sailors and Marines fought with the flames and wreckage of their own dying ships as well as with the enemy planes.



Replay ItemsEdit


  • When the guide moves through the mail room, there is a large net covering a room. Use the machete here to open up the room.

Entrenching ToolEdit

  • When moving through the first hallway, there will be a sailor dressed in all white standing around near a staircase. When you approach him, a burst of steam hits him in the face. By the sailor there is a vent. Use the shovel on the vent to get the unlimited ammunition cheat.

Replay CanistersEdit

  • This canister is located behind the net in the mail room.

Multiplayer SkinEdit

  • In the barber shop, the small orange chest is against the wall. It unlocks the Navy Engineer multiplayer skin.


  • The name of the mission is a reference to the speech spoken about the Pearl Harbor attack by Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was the President of the United States at the time of the attack.
  • In the cafeteria there is a pie on the table you can eat to restore your health.
  • Shooting the torpedoes in the water instead of the airplanes makes the battle last a considerable amount of time longer.
  • Only Gunny is armed with a Shotgun, while other crew member arm with Browning Automatic Rifles. Despite the medium and long range of fighting, using shotgun is useless in this situation. This may be a possible reference to General George Patton, who was claimed to have been aggressive and crazy enough to attempt to shoot down German planes using an M1911 pistol.
    • Gunny using a shotgun may also be a reference to Tom Sizemore's character 'Earl' in the film Pearl Harbor. During the attack on his airfield, Earl pulls out a shotgun and shoots at the Japanese planes directly above. He uses it again in the airfields tower when Ben Affleck's character 'Rafe' brings a Japanese fighter right by them.
  • This is the only level where players can use the Fire Extinguisher and BAR.
  • The crew members that the player saves are still inside the ship. Thus, leaving their status unknown.
  • When exiting the bunk room, a man in a gas mask can be seen running by. In his quote, he state that he cannot breath in the gas mask. Historically, it is claimed that most sailors discarded and/or avoided wearing gas masks due to difficulties with properly equipping them and seeing with them. Thus, explaining why the sailor unknowingly ran into the electrical wires.
  • If player turns back at his bed, he will see that it is heavily decorated. Oddly enough, Joseph is the only member of the crew in the bunk room to have customized sleeping quarters.
  • If the game is played in Co-op, about 95% of the NPCs are absent, (such as the Guide, the man in the gas mask who runs into the wires, and the Chef present in the kitchen, and most of the npcs present shooting at the planes).

Mistakes Edit

  • The textures on the pie found in the cafeteria appears to be slightly off position as slight portions of the pan's texture can be seen in the actual pie.
  • A soldier with an orange shirt present when Gunny wakes the soldiers up runs through a stack of beds instead of past it.

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