Sgt.Dane Airborne
Nickname(s) Lazy Bastard
Appears in Medal of Honor: Airborne
Rank Sergeant
Affiliations 82nd Airborne Division
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Status Unknown possibly KIA
Weapon Thompson
Dane was a minor character featured in Medal of Honor: Airborne. He is a member of the 82nd Airborne Division and the NCO of Travers' squad during Operation:Husky.

Biography Edit

On July 10, 1943. Dane took part in Operation:Husky. He was in charge Travers' squad. Together they were able to destroy the four Flak-38 cannons and secured the Town Hall which was the enemy's command post. Shortly after Wirth told Dane that Sergeant Setzer request help. Dane sends Travers and Wirth to reinforce Setzer's squad since they are already short on men. Dane and the rest of his squad stayed to hold the Town Hall. It is unknown what happened to Dane. It is most likely that he is killed by the Germans after they're launched a counter-attack on the village.

Trivia Edit

  • Dane has a private patch despite beign a Sergeant.