Appears in Medal of Honor
Rank Curator
Affiliations Nazi Germany

Steinberg Salt Mine

Status Deceased (Murdered)
Death February 20, 1945

Altaussee, Austria

Weapon None

The Curator of the Steinberg Salt Mine is a minor character in Medal of Honor. He was in charge of the art being looted inside the salt mine.


He was described by Manon Batiste as an "Intelligent and decent man". He was working for the Nazis against his will, and did not agree with Nazi ideology in any way. He was very opposed to the idea of destroying "his artwork" while using it to burn the bodies of enemy soldiers. The curator was daring and courageous enough to go against Nazi ideals in public.


On February 20, 1945, the Steinberg Salt Mine was attacked by Jimmy Patterson, and the curator supported his assault on the mine, although they were gradually enemies. That night, he openly opposed Sturmbannführer Ratter's orders to destroy Patterson and the curator's beloved art. After Ratter had enough, he pulled out his pistol, shot and killed the curator, and ordered his men to transport his body. Loud jack-booted footsteps could be heard in the upper mine, then violently stuffing the curator's body in a small mine shaft, never to be heard or seen again. When Patterson liberated the mine and saved the artwork, his death was avenged.


"Attention art staff, this is your curator: please prepare the Degas painting "waiting" for transport to Reichsmarshall Göring's private residence."

-- The curator addressing the art staff to prepare the transport of a painting.

"Sturmbannführer, are you insane?! Keep the rocket troops out of there!"

-- Curator commands Ratter to remove the Panzerschreck troopers away from the paintings.

"Hold your fire! Those paintings are worth millions of Reichsmarks!"

-- The curator conflicts with the orders of the Sturmbannführer.

"Attention Allied soldier: Save the Führer's treasure!"

-- The first order to Patterson given by the Curator.

"Allied soldier, please stop this madman. He will not hesitate to destroy both of you, and these priceless treasures. Please, I beg--(gunshot is fired) AHHHH!"

-- The curator's last words before being killed by Ratter.

Curator's quotes can be viewed in German here.


  • He is fluent in English.
  • His voice is significantly higher than the Sturmbannführer's.
  • The curator's real name is unknown.