Crossing the Styx
Crossing the Styx Loading Screen
Medal of Honor: European Assault
Allies And Axis
Somewhere in or around Greece.
All Multiplayer modes except Face to Face.
Type of Combat
Medium to Long Range.

Crossing the Styx is a small multiplayer map in Medal of Honor: European Assault.

It is playable on every gamemode except Face to Face.


Somewhere on a beach in or around Greece, a lone concrete bunker stands out among the ruins of an ancient Greek civilization. Some of the bunker is already chipping away, either by force or by the salty air. Across the water sits a lighthouse, lighting the way for ships to port. Two battleships sit off the beach, waiting. If you're not careful, it may be your turn to go to the underworld--your turn to cross the Styx.

Though small, this map offers great opportunities for rifles and sniper rifles especially. Support guns and SMGs are useful if you feel like getting close to your enemy. This map is great for deathmatch.

Pickup LocationsEdit

  • A Weapon Upgrade is located in the center of the map, on top of some of the stones.
  • The Bazooka is right next to the Weapon Upgrade.
  • There are two Change Class Stations on the map: One on each side of the map in each base.



  • The carving in the Allies' base appears to be that of Oceanus.
  • In the Menu and Loading Screens, what looks to be a whale skeleton or a ship wreck appears on the beach. It isn't present in the map.
  • This map could be located in the same area as Stage Fright.
  • There's a lightouse visible further down the beach.
  • There are battleships in the water.


Digital Exploration-MoH EA-Crossing the Styx Showcase01:36

Digital Exploration-MoH EA-Crossing the Styx Showcase

MoH-EA-Crossing the Styx Ambience01:35

MoH-EA-Crossing the Styx Ambience

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