Crimson Shores
Crimson Shores Loading Screen
Medal of Honor: European Assault
Allies And Axis
Unknown. Somewhere in Russia or Europe.
All Multiplayer modes except Blitzkrieg.
Type of Combat
Medium to Long Range.

Crimson Shores is a small multiplayer map in Medal of Honor: European Assault.

It is playable on every gamemode except Blitzkrieg.


Located on the edge of a forest and right by a river, this map is set somewhere in Europe (maybe even somewhere in Russia as suggested by the destroyed tank in the trench by the Allies' base). Across the river, a destroyed cityscape rises into the sky; the distant sounds of battle still echoing through the air. Boats line the beach, perhaps from an evacuation of the city or maybe even an invasion; though, not all of them made it ashore. The bridge that once connected one side of the river to the other lies in ruins. Destroyed tanks and buildings evidence that a battle has already taken place here, but was there a victor? Or did the blood of both sides stain the shore a crimson shade of red?

This map is small with plenty of low lying cover. It's great with rifles and heavier weapons like the StG44 or the B.A.R.; but, not so much with sniper rifles due to the lack of "high points" on the map. Though, if one were to play on the Axis side, they could get a good sniping spot in the building that bears the Axis flag (though there's barely any cover).

Pickup LocationsEdit

  • The Bazooka is located by a tree nearest to the Axis base on the left side (if you're on the Axis side) of the first destroyed Panzer.
  • A Weapon Upgrade is located right behind the wall closest to the Allies' base.
  • The Change Class Station is located by the tree across the road from the Bazooka on the other side of the first destroyed Panzer.

Objective LocationsEdit

Face to FaceEdit

  • The Axis objective is located in the Allies' base right on the munitions boxes.
  • The Allies' objective is in the Axis base on the dynamite boxes.

Artillery FlagEdit

  • The flag can spawn in three different locations in the center of the map: behind the walls in front of the second destroyed tank, or behind the last destroyed tank.
  • The Allies' flag drop zones are right behind the Axis base on each end of the road.
  • The Axis flag drop zones are right behind the Allies' base; one on the far left at the beach and one on the far right at the wall next to the barbed wire.

King of the HillEdit

  • The flag is located in the front of the second destroyed tank.


  • The flag shares the same spawns as Artillery Flag.


  • The flag shares the same spawns as Artillery Flag and Survival.
  • The flag drop zones also are the same as Artillery Flag, though randomized.


  • The Bazooka spawns in its normal spot or in one of the bases.

Capture the FlagEdit

  • The flags are in each of the bases.



  • On the tank by the Allies' base, there appear to be faces on the turret. For example, there is what looks to be a "devil face" and a smiley face.
  • Though not confirmed, Sniper Square may be the destroyed city across the river.
  • There is a hidden basement in the Allies' base.
  • During the explosion cutscene in the Allies' base, the flag disappears.


Digital Exploration-MoH EA-Crimson Shores Showcase02:26

Digital Exploration-MoH EA-Crimson Shores Showcase

MoH-EA-Crimson Shores Ambience01:46

MoH-EA-Crimson Shores Ambience

MoH-EA-Crimson Shores Victories00:59

MoH-EA-Crimson Shores Victories

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