Climbing Mamayev Hill
Mohea loadingclimbingmamayevhill
The in-game loading screen.
Previous level Road to Stalingrad
Next level Mission to Rocherath
Game Medal of Honor: European Assault
Character Lieutenant William Holt
Team Soviet Armed Forces
Place Stalingrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Date 29 January 1943
Enemies Heer Infantry
Mohea mapclimbingmamayevhill

Climbing Mamayev Hill is the eighth campaign level featured in Medal of Honor: European Assault.

Characters Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Radio intelligence to the O.S.S.
  • Destroy Panzer IV tank (optional)
  • Eliminate Franz Gruebner
  • Destroy artillery guns (optional)
  • Destroy German intelligence
  • Signal the rocket strike (optional)
  • Steal heavy water test logbook
  • Meet with Russian officer (optional)

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Notes Edit

  • This is the final mission involving the Soviet Armed Forces.
  • Following the speech at the beginning of the level, Holt can be heard speaking Russian, saying "For Stalin! Let's go!"