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Climbing The Mamayev Hill
Previous mission Road To Stalingrad, Russia
Next mission Battle Of Bulge, Belgian
Game Medal of Honor: European Assault
Character William Holt
Weapons PPSH-41

Mosin Nagant, Bazooka

Enemy weapons MG42

MP40, Model 24 Grenade

Place Mamayev Kurgan, Volgogradskaya oblast, Stalingrad, Russia
Date January 26, 1943
Objective Transmit Virus House Intel to OSS
Enemies Heer Infantry

Climbing The Mamayev Hill is the eighth mission in Medal of Honor: European Assault. It is also the second and final level of the Stalingrad campaign.


Mohea 03 c 02 map

Green : Medkit, Blue : Revive


  • Transmit Virus House Intel to OSS
  • Destroy German Inteligence


  • Eliminate Franz Gruebner
  • Steal Heavy Water Test Logbook
  • Destroy Panzer Tank
  • Meet With Russian Comissar
  • Signal Rocket Strike
  • Destroy Artillery Guns

Mission Briefing Edit

Proceed with the Soviets to the Mamayev Hill, infiltrate in the castle. Transmit the Virus House Intel, using a radio inside the castle. After this destroy all the intel.

The Village Edit

Mohea 03 c 02 02

Destroy The Enemy Panzer Using A Bazooka.

As the mission begins, follow your comrades westward down the path and climb over the hill to your left. Take cover behind the wall near the northeast building and fire at the enemies due south of you. Hold your ground until they're defeated and then step into the northeast building to grab the bazooka inside. Shoot down the machine gunner in the building across the road and then take the bazooka into the building to the south (watch for one enemy inside) and you'll have a safe shot at the tank that's on the road to the west. When the tank is destroyed, drop the bazooka (getting your previous weapon back) and finish clearing the immediate area.

Trenches Edit

Mohea 03 c 02 04


When the buildings are free of enemy infestation, head west and quickly dive into the trenches. There's a medkit in a nearby dugout that you should grab before following the trench south to meet up with a Russian officer. You'll both complete an objective and gain a new one.

Cross The Bridge Edit

Mohea 03 c 02 06

Time To Cross The Bridge

Follow the trench all the way south and then turn westward. You'll see a bridge ahead that crosses over a river. On either side of the bridge are mounted turrets and an endless supply of enemies. Don't try to kill everyone: they'll just keep respawning. Instead, take out the upper turrent to the right and then quickly run down across the bridge. You should soon be out of range of the turrets, letting you go steal your way into the lower turret to find a medkit.

Clear The Ruins And Signal The Rocket Strike Edit

Mohea 03 c 02 07

Destroy The 2nd Panzer

Mohea 03 c 02 10

Use the smoke granade to Signal The Rocket Strike.

When you exit the turret nest you should stick to the north side of the hill. The ruins to the south are littered with Germans who are ready to tear you a new one if you get too close to them. Crouch behind the hill and peek up with your rifles to gun 'em down, then look for a small alcove along the roadside behind you to locate a bazooka. There's a second panzer tank further south down the road—take it out with a couple of bazooka rounds, and then continue your efforts to clear the surrounding buildings. When the area is clear, locate the smoke signal that's located in the center of a junction between two roads (just northwest of the buildings).

Keep Climbing And Break Through Edit

Mohea 03 c 02 11

Blow The Gate

You'll complete a mission objective and earn a revive for just a press of a button, but you'll want to run away from the area as fast as possible to avoid the imminent airstrike. If you left ammo in the bazooka you dropped earlier, head back to pick it up and then make your way over the hillside to the west. You'll soon run into a tank you need to destroy. Combine the remaining bazooka round with a few grenades (there are more grenades stashed in the trenches in front of the tank) to destroy the panzer and then follow your comrades up the hill to the north.

Mohea 03 c 02 13

Defeat Franz Gruebner

There are trenches with enemies on either side of the gate up ahead. Clear 'em out and then set an explosive charge on the gate to blast it open. When you open you will receive new objective, Defeat Franz Gruebner.

The Final Objectives Edit

Mohea 03 c 02 12

Enter In There To Find The Artillery Guns

Push your way through the building (watch out for enemies outside the building that'll sneak inside behind you) to blow up all three guns and then continue through the building to the northwest corner. There are more enemies inside, and upstairs is a radio you can use to complete another mission objective

Mohea 03 c 02 14

Destroy the Inteligence.

As you go back downstairs you'll see that you can now destroy the German intelligence that's stuffed into a nearby crate. Destroy the intelligence to end the level.


  • Mamayev Hill is the last mission in any game involving the Soviets.
  • At the beginning of the mission after the commissar make a speech, you can hear William Holt speaking in Russian. he said For Stalin, Let's Go !
  • Today, Mamayev Kurgan (Mamayev's Grave) is a memorial located at Mamayev Hill dedicated for those who died during the battle of Stalingrad and the bloody skirmishes during the hill takeover, who changed sides at least 15 times. With some luck, you can still find some buried bodies, guns and equipment who once belonged to the fallen soldiers.

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