Chitral Compound
Chitral Compound
Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Mountainous, Forested
Type of Combat
Close Quarters, Medium-Range

"In the highlands of Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province lies their version of the Alps, complete with soaring peaks, alpine lakes and scenic vistas. But these hills are alive with the sounds of Chinese-made AK gunfire. Lock and load and get ready for high altitude combat."
— Loading Screen Description

Chitral Compound is a multiplayer map featured in the Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It is automatically available for people with Limited or Deluxe editions of the game.

A mountainous terrain filled with deep narrow valleys, Chitral is nearly inaccessible and was thought to be one of Bin Laden's hideouts - only those with the capabilities of total surprise will successfully penetrate the compound.

Minigun firing

Gentlemen, listen up.
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