Chindits Insignia
Leader(s) Orde Wingate
Walther David Alexander Lentaigne
Appears in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Country India
Type Special Forces
Active 1942-1945

The Chindits known offical as Long Range Penetration Groups were an Indian military organization that aided the British Army in the war against the Japanese occupation throughout South East Asia. The Chindits were formed for raiding operations against the Imperial Japanese Army, especially long-range penetration: attacking Japanese troops, facilities and lines of communication, deep behind Japanese lines.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Edit

In Medal of Honor: Rising Sun they appear as escorts for Joseph Griffin. They are armed with light firearms, often wielding MkII Stens They usually give covering fire for player to advance.They can survive from enemy fire,but very hard to save them when facing the machine gun nest.If they survive,they not following player to his objective and usually stay on the area.


Trivia Edit

  • Some Chindits use the face models of Sergei Borov and Martin Clemens.
  • They appear to have entrenching tools mounted on their backs.