Chechen Mujahideen
Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
Appears in Medal of Honor (2010)
Country Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
Type Chechen Wahhabist Volunteers
Active 2000's

The Chechen Mujahideen are a faction in Medal of Honor. They are encountered in the campaign levels First In, Friends from Afar, Neptune's Net, and Rescue the Rescuers.

Medal of Honor (2010)Edit


During First In, they ambush AFO Neptune while they were on their way to meet an informant codenamed "Tariq." After Neptune fights their way through them, they reach Tariq, who tells them of a large force composed of Taliban and al-Qaeda militants in the Shahikot Valley. Neptune is inserted to combat the Taliban/al-Qaeda force there. The Chechens appear again in Friends from Afar, when they discover Deuce and Dusty's sniper position. The Chechens aren't seen again till Neptune's Net, where Mother and Rabbit evade them while searching for Voodoo and Preacher. They are eventually compromised and forced to jump off a cliff, where they are captured by al-Qaeda fighters. The Chechens are seen again in Rescue the Rescuers, the last mission of the game, where the Rangers save AFO Neptune. 

Throughout the game the Chechens are shown as competitent soldiers as compared to their Taliban counterparts, sporting tactical camouflage, seemingly better formations, and even managing to be at times a tactical problem for the SEALS and Delta Force operators.  


By Contrast to Taliban or some Al-Qaeda Fighters, Chechen Mujahideen Fighters well Equipped and completely uniformed. They are using Russian Chest Rig or  Smersh webbing system, and also wearing unified or mixtured Unifrom of Woodland Camo(some of them wear Partizan Camo. the pattern introduced by 2004.) Uniform and Snow Camo Uniform, and Dark Brown BDU Pants.



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