Bobby McAfee
Bobby McAfee PF
Appears in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
Rank Chief Petty Officer (Possibly Chief Boatswain's Mate)
Affiliations U.S.N.
Status KIA
Death Dec. 7, 1941
Sex Male
Weapon M1911

Chief Bobby McAfee is a Chief Petty Officer stationed at Pearl Harbor. He escorted then Private Thomas Mitchell Conlin around the crews quarters. He is only seen in the first level of Pearl Harbor. Thomas Mitchell Conlin witnessed the death of McAfee when a Japanese Zero shot a gas can which exploded and subsequently killed him.

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to have had an interest in Mary, a nurse stationed at Pearl Harbor.
  • After he dies you can pick up his M1911A1 .45
  • All he yells is "This Way!"
  • If you look in his Jeep you can see an M1 Carbine, but you cannot pick it up.