Bismarck Dog
HNI 0035 MPO
The Bismarck Dog In Medal of Honor Multiplayer
Nickname(s) Bismarck (or) Beagle (or) low polygon dog
Appears in Medal of Honor &

Medal of Honor: Underground

Rank Beagle
Affiliations Wehrmacht

Heer Axis

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Nationality German
Status Dead
Birth June 12th, 1944
Death June 28th, 1944
Weapon MP-40


Bismarck Is an usable avatar in multiplayer in Medal of Honor And Medal of Honor: Underground.

He can use human weapons such as MP40 or Panzerfaust.


A dog named "Bismarck" after historical German politician Otto von Bismarck

He is modelled after the common enemy dog character "German Shepherd", also known to fans as "low polygon dog", first appeared in the 3rd single player mission "Sewer Chase".

As for why Bismarck can carry human based weapon, the backstory was told in "Panzerknaker", the bonus mission of MoH: Underground,. It turned out that ”Bismarck" is the result of a crazy experiment run by a mad German scientist.