Betrayal in the Telemark
Previous level The Roaring Penstocks
Next level Heavy Water
Game Medal of Honor
Character James Steven Patterson
Weapons Colt M1911

Trench Gun Browning Automatic Rifle

Place Rjukan Hydro Plant, Norway
Date February 1, 1945
Objective Open Emergency Release Valve

Divert Heavy Water Vats Acquire Delivery Schedule Locate Garage Disable Truck

Betrayal in the Telemark is the third level in the mission Sabotage the Rjukan Hydro Plant. It takes place in the evening of February 1, 1995, deep inside the Rjukan Hydro Plant, Norway.


Col. Hargrove did his best to explain your mission to me, but I think I understand more about it than he does.

An old boyfriend er, male acquaintance of mine works for OSRD and explained what the Germans are up to. Apparently, they are only now realizing the potential of what this weapon can do, and are trying desperately to make up for lost time.

Fortunately, that means they've been forced to put-- what's the expression?-- all their eggs in one basket when it comes to Heavy Water production.

This strike against the Rjukan plant should put an end to their atomic program once and for all-- provided that you destroy all the remaining supplies of D2O left in the facility.

There are four giant storage vats that contain the processed Deuterium Oxide. Reverse their flow control, then locate the plant's emergency release valve and flush all the D2O out into the storm channel.

As you infiltrate, try to secure a copy of the facility's delivery schedule so we can be sure none of the Heavy Water made it off the site. Finally, for good measure, disable any transport vehicles you find in the garage.


  • The mission's title is nod to its briefing, as Manon accidentally mentions the word "boyfriend".

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