Battle in the Bocage is the second level in the mission Operation Overlord, the third mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


Battle in the Bocage - Normandy, France
June 7, 1944

Excellent job on Omaha. Due to your exemplary actions, you've been reassigned to a special mission with Captain Ramsey from A Company. The situation in the bocage is grim. The overgrown hedgerows dividing the landscape past the beach provide the Germans with perfect defensive territory; our every offensive is met with tenacious overlapping defenses - MG42s, mortars, 88's - you name it. Certain areas that were to be taken by the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions remain in enemy hands; a result of the misdrops on the night of the invasion.

Your mission is to penetrate enemy lines, disrupt enemy defenses, and link up with paratroopers from the 101st who were tasked to destroy a special target between Isigny and Carentan. If they're understrength or KIA, you are to complete their mission with Ramsey. A jeep is available for transport, but there's no way to tell how far you'll get before you have to abandon it, as the roads closer to the target are well defended by 88mm guns.

You'll receive further details once you're in the field. Best of luck, Lieutenant.

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,


  • Search the house.
  • Defend the back of the house.
  • Defend the front of the house.
  • Locate any Flak 88's guarding the road.
  • Find a radio to call an airstrike on the Flak 88 cannon.
  • Find the radio near the silo and use it to call an airstrike on the Flak 88 cannon.
  • Call an airstrike on the Flak 88.
  • Destroy the anti-aircraft gun so air support can return.
  • Call an airstrike on the second Flak 88.
  • Bypass the roadblock.




Background music Edit

  • "The Uboat" (MoH soundtrack)