Advance Force Operations teams (or "AFOs") are special deep-reconnaissance commando units. They get their name from their function: to operate in advance of the main body of forces. They are inserted into hostile or enemy territory prior to an invasion, sent forward of friendly forces positions or deep behind enemy lines, or operate clandestinely or covertly in a politically-sensitive region.


Special ReconnaissanceEdit

Their main purpose is primarily to gather long-term intelligence on enemy forces and their movements through surveillance and patrolling. Usually they are deployed to provide intelligence and specialized deep reconnaissance role for their parent organization if they lack an organic unit tasked with this capacity.

Prior to an invasion or major strategic operation they can also be used to reconnoiter potential routes of advance, scout out and set up Drop Zones and Landing Zones, find and designate potential targets, and assess the damage inflicted by bombing runs and artillery strikes.

Direct ActionEdit

As Special Operations personnel they are trained to execute raids (focused, short-duration attacks). Typical tasks include: to assassinate or kidnap high value targets, secure or destroy sensitive documents and classified hardware, harass and disrupt transport and supply networks, and sabotage or demolish utilities like sewage, water, and power.

Asymmetrical / Irregular WarfareEdit

As part of their mission they may be called on to coordinate and support partisan activities and intelligence-gathering operations in their area of operations.

Advance Force Operations teams in Medal of Honor Edit

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