A Shallow Grave is a mission in Medal of Honor: Vanguard. This is the first mission of Operation Market Garden.  


  • Frank Keegan (Playable)
  • Stanley
  • Tom Chalmers


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The mission starts when Keegan and his fellow soldiers ready to jump. After when Keegan reach the ground he and his squad proceed to capture a house. Keegan and his squad moves to the rally point where a couple of ally soldier land to reinforce Keegan's squad. He and his squad move through a barn to reach the top of a windmill where a AA Gun placed. After destroying the AA Gun, Keegan and his squad move to clear the rest of the barn. When Keegan and their men attacks one of the German soldiers shouts in German they need to protect the important maps and papers. When Keegan picks up the maps and papers a squad of German troops appears at the barn entrance. The squad set up an ambush for them. After when the German reinforcement are dead the squad regroup at the barn entrance, where a short speech by an ally soldier.

Upgraded Weapon LocationEdit

Whilst mid-air, find a windmill where green smoke is placed. The bag is at a crate where the green smoke is placed.

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  • A Shallow Grave is the second shortest mission in the game, with only Scavengers being shorter.
  • Obtaining the M1D scope in this level is harder than obtaining any other upgrade in the game, as not only is it difficult to simply land in the windmill, half the top floor (where the scope is located) is missing meaning it is possible (and quite easy) to fall through the windmill and miss the scope entirely.