The 82nd Airborne Division is a faction in Medal of Honor: Frontline, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrouth, Medal of Honor: Vanguard and Medal of Honor: Airborne. The 82nd also known as the "All American Division" first saw action in World War 1 as an infantry division. In 1942 the division went through a convertion and became an airborne division. The 82nd along with 101st gained a legendary reputation in World War 2. The 82nd played a major role in the Invasion of Panama in 1989. Later the 82nd was deployed in Iraq and currently deployed in the Middle-East.

Medal of Honor: FrontlineEdit

Members of the division fight alongside with Jimmy Patterson in Rough Landing. Their objective was to destroy several Panzer IV tanks and to Jimmy in his infiltration into Kleveburg.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: BreakthroughEdit

82nd Airborne soldiers appears in the Sicily campaign. Later in the mission John Baker and Terry Lyndon must reinforce and support them in taking the village of Gela from Italian forces.

Medal of Honor: VanguardEdit

The 82nd plays a major role in Vanguard. Frank Keegan and his squad are part of the 82nd Airborne.

Medal of Honor: AirborneEdit

In Medal of Honor: Airborne the player gets to play as Boyd Travers, a paratrooper in this division. During the last two missions the 82nd fights alongside the 17th Airborne Division.

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Trivia Edit

  • The 82nd Airborne soldiers that appeared in Breakthrough wear 101st Airborne arm patches and share the same face texture; this seems to be caused by a developer oversight.
  • In Breakthrough some 82nd Airborne soldiers' model uses the US 34th Infantry Division's desert unifrom.
  • In Vanguard a few 82nd Airborne soldiers are uses MP40s instead of an American weapon.