29th Infantry Division
Appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough
Medal of Honor: Frontline
Country United States of America
Type Infantry Division
Active 1917–68


Motto "Twenty-nine, let's go!"

The 29th Infantry Division is a faction in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Medal of Honor: Frontline.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Edit

A two members of a 29th Division appear in the second half of mission 2, where have taken them prisoner and interrogate. One was killed, only the private Jury has survived, he was saved the officer from the SAS, by the Major Jack Grillo and the officer from the 2nd Ranger Battalion, Lieutenant Mike Powell. Later, appear a lot of them in the mission "Omaha Beach", but many are killed in the fighting. Some Infantrymen were seen in the Kasserine Pass, on the expansion pack Breakthrough, along with the 2nd Ranger Battalion, radio operator of this division asks John Baker to cover him with fire while that repairs a radio tower, and then to cause an airstrike for completion of mission.

Medal of Honor: Frontline Edit

The Infantrymen appear only in level 'Your Finest Hour', as members of the 29th Infantry Division storming Omaha beach during Operation Overlord.

Notable Members Edit

  • Private Jury
  • Private Smith
  • Private Ivarsen
  • Private Jones
  • Infantryman 1
  • Infantryman 2
  • Radio operator infantryman 1
  • Radio operator infantryman 2

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